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Get Commcell Details


Customer Managed

This API returns the commcell details such as commcell name, commell version, Release Name and Commcell ID



  • cacheId string

    Report dataset cache Id

  • offset integer

    Denotes the starting point or index from which the requested data begins

  • limit integer

    Total number of records in the response

  • totalRecordCount integer

    Total Records in the response

  • columns object[]

    List of columns in the dataset

  • name string

    Column Name

  • dataField string

    Data field name

  • displayName string

    Display Name of the column

  • type string

    Data type

  • precision integer

    Decimal point precision

  • scale integer
  • recordsCount integer

    Total Records in the rows

  • records string[]

    Rows containing the output

  • failures object
  • warnings object