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Get Current Capacity Usage Report


Customer Managed

The amount of data in all the most recent full backup jobs and all archive jobs in the CommCell environment, and whether you are approaching the capacity license limit.

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  • cacheId string

    Report dataset cache Id

  • offset integer

    Denotes the starting point or index from which the requested data begins

  • limit integer

    Total number of records in the response

  • totalRecordCount integer

    Total Records in the response

  • columns object[]

    List of columns in the dataset

  • name string

    Column Name

  • dataField string

    Data field name

  • displayName string

    Display Name of the column

  • type string

    Data type

  • precision integer

    Decimal point precision

  • scale integer
  • recordsCount integer

    Total Records in the rows

  • records string[]

    Rows containing the output

  • failures object
  • warnings object