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Get List of Jobs


Customer Managed

This operation returns a list of jobs for a client.

More Details

Query Parameters
  • completedJobLookupTime int32

    Time in seconds

  • clientId string

    The client ID for the client. If the client ID is not known, use the GET Client API to retrieve it

  • jobCategory string

    The category of the job. If the jobCategory parameter is not used, the GET Job API returns all jobs. Valid values are: Active, Finished, All

  • jobFilter string

    The type of job. If the jobFilter parameter is not used, the GET Job API returns backup jobs. This parameter supports: Multiple job types - for example, Job?clientId=2&jobFilter=backup,restore returns both backup and restore job types.



  • totalRecordsWithoutPaging integer
  • jobs object[]
  • jobSummary object
  • sizeOfApplication integer
  • backupSetName string
  • totalFailedFolders integer
  • totalFailedFiles integer
  • isVisible boolean
  • localizedStatus string
  • isAged boolean
  • totalNumOfFiles integer
  • jobId integer
  • jobSubmitErrorCode integer
  • sizeOfMediaOnDisk integer
  • status string
  • lastUpdateTime integer
  • percentSavings number
  • localizedOperationName string
  • statusColor string
  • backupLevel integer
  • jobElapsedTime integer
  • jobStartTime integer
  • jobType string
  • isPreemptable integer
  • backupLevelName string
  • appTypeName string
  • percentComplete integer
  • localizedBackupLevelName string
  • subclientName string
  • destClientName string
  • subclient object
  • clientName string
  • instanceName string
  • backupsetId integer
  • instanceId integer
  • subclientId integer
  • clientId integer
  • appName string
  • backupsetName string
  • applicationId integer
  • subclientName string
  • clientGroups object[]
  • _type_ integer
  • clientGroupId integer
  • clientGroupName string