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Get Alerts Triggered


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Get List Of Alerts Triggered



  • totalCount int32

    Total count of the Alerts Triggered

  • unreadCount int32

    Total unread Alerts Triggered

  • alertsTriggered object[]
  • id int32

    Triggered Alert Id

  • severity AlertSeverity


    Alert Severity Level

  • detectedCriterion string

    Possible values: [Alert CommServe License Expires Within n Days, Alert Modified, Alert every n attempts (Network failures), Alert every n attempts (Phase failures), Alert every n failed login attempts, Alert when License Consumed reaches n Percent, Alert when client certificate Expires Within n Days, Alert when jobs in pending state exceed n percent or count of n, Auxiliary Copy fallen behind alert, Backup for subclient failed consecutively for n attempts, Classification Failed, DDB Store got corrupted, DDB disk space low, Data backed up exceeds n GB, Decrease in Data size by n %, Delayed by n Hrs, Disk Space Low, Drive went Offline, Force De-configured, Increase in Data size by n %, Insufficient Storage, Job Activity, Job Failed, Job Initiated, Job Skipped, Job Started, Job Succeeded, Job Succeeded with Errors, Job exceeded running time of n Hrs, Library went Offline, Maintenance Occurred, Maintenance Required, Media Handling Required, Media Picked Up, Media Reached Destination, Media Recalled, Media Returned to Source, MediaAgent went offline, Mount Path went Offline, No Backup for last n Days, No Data Protection, Non-encrypted media exported, Number of failed files is more than n, Percentage of failed files is more than n, Properties Modified, Release Upgrade Required, Rolled Back, Scheduler Changes, Updates Available to Download, User Overwrite of Media]

    detection criteria for the triggered alert to be generated

  • info string

    Name of the Alert Triggered

  • notes string

    contains any descriptive note written for the alert

  • type string

    Possible values: [Configuration - Clients, Configuration - Edge drive-Share operations, Configuration - License, Configuration - MediaAgents, Configuration - Users, Custom Rules - Client Group License Usage Check, Custom Rules - Data aging is disabled for n days, Custom Rules - Expiring clones, Custom Rules - Index Backup Status, Custom Rules - Index State, Custom Rules - Notify decommissioned Virtual Machines, Job Management - Auxiliary Copy, Job Management - Data Aging, Job Management - Data Protection, Job Management - Data Recovery, Job Management - DeDup DB Reconstruction, Job Management - Disaster Recovery Backup, Media Management - Device Status, Media Management - Library Management, Operation - Admin Alert, Operation - Event Viewer Events, Software Updates - Updates Available to Download]

    alert type for which the triggered alert was generated

  • detectedTime int32

    Unix Epoch Time

  • client object
  • id int32
  • name string
  • readStatus boolean

    Gives the Alert Read Status. True if Read and False if Unread

  • pinStatus boolean

    Gives the Alert Pin Status. True if pinned and False if not pinned.

  • jobId int32

    Job Id by which this Alert was Triggered

  • company object

    Organization corresponding to alert

  • id int32
  • name string
  • commcell object
  • name string

    Name of the commcell the entity belongs to.

  • displayName string

    Display name of the commcell the entity belongs to.