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Create Reseller



This API can be used to provision a new reseller in Metallic. Reseller provisioning is synchronous.

Request Body

externalIdReseller ID in Partner systemString / UUIDTrueNeeds to be unique in metallic.
nameReseller nameStringTrueNeeds to be unique in metallic.
websiteReseller websiteStringFalse
contactsReseller contactsContact Objects ArrayTrueSee - Contact Object
workloadAccessAccess to manage accountsBooleanFalse
Contact Object
typeContact typeString Enum Allowed Values: "primary"TrueOnly 'primary' is supported currently.
emailContact emailStringTrueNeeds to be unique in metallic.
firstNameContact firstnameStringTrue
lastNameContact lastnameStringTrue
addressContact addressAddress ObjectTrueSee - Address Object
phoneContact phone numberStringFalse
Address Object
addressLine1Address line 1StringTrue
addressLine2Address line 2StringFalse
cityAddress cityStringTrue
stateAddress stateStringConditional MandatoryThis field is required when country is United States, otherwise is optional. If provided, it must be ISO standard code or name.
countryAddress countryStringTrueIt must be ISO standard code or name.
postalCodeAddress postal codeStringTrue

Response Body

idReseller metallic idUUID
typeType indicating it is resellerString Enum allowed values: "reseller"
statusReseller statusString Enum allowed values: "active"
insertTsReseller created timeTimestamp
updateTsReseller last updated timeTimestamp
externalIdReseller ID in Partner systemString / UUIDSame as input.
nameReseller nameStringSame as input.
websiteReseller websiteStringSame as input.
contactsReseller contactsContact Objects arraySame as input. Refer to Contact Object on request.
workloadAccessAccess to manage accountsBooleanSame as input.
Request Body required
  • name string required
  • website string
  • contacts object[] required
  • email string required
  • firstName string required
  • lastName string required
  • phone string
  • address object required
  • addressLine1 string required
  • city string required
  • state string

    Required when country is optional

  • country string required
  • postalCode string required
  • addressLine2 string
  • type string required
  • externalId string required
  • workloadAccess boolean required


  • data object
  • id string
  • insertTs string
  • updateTs string
  • name string
  • type string
  • status string
  • contacts object[]
  • email string
  • firstName string
  • lastName string
  • phone string
  • address object
  • addressLine1 string
  • city string
  • state string

    Required when country is optional

  • country string
  • postalCode string
  • addressLine2 string
  • type string
  • website string
  • externalId string
  • workloadAccess boolean