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Create User



This API can be used by MSP Partners to provision a new user in Metallic. Each user has roles assigned and can manage different accounts.

User creation is asynchronous. Upon request submission, user record will be in "provisioning" status and will become "active" when creation process finishes.

Request Body

emailContact emailStringTrueNeeds to be unique in metallic.
firstNameContact firstnameStringTrue
lastnameContact lastnameStringTrue
rolesList of user role IdsString ArrayTrueSee - Available Roles
managedAccountsList of user managed account metallic IdsUUID ArrayFalseUser cannot manage accounts without Service Administrator role or Account Manager role. Value "*" means user will manage all existing and future accounts under this MSP Partner.

Response Body

idUser metallic idUUID
statusUser statusString Enumeration - User Status EnumerationRefer to User Status Enumeration. Value "provisioning" is returned in this case.
insertTsUser created timeTimestamp
updateTsUser last updated timeTimestamp
requestDataCreate User Request BodyCreate User - Request BodySee - Create User - Request Body
Request Body required
  • firstName string required
  • lastName string required
  • email string required
  • roles string[] required
  • managedAccounts string[]


  • data object
  • id string
  • insertTs string
  • updateTs string
  • status string
  • requestData object
  • firstName string
  • lastName string
  • email string
  • roles string[]
  • managedAccounts string[]