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Get Usage Details



This API can be used to obtain latest usage details in certain month. All dates in usage detail API refer to UTC time zone.



  • data object[]

    List of usage details

  • usageMonth string

    Usage month

  • accountId string

    Account ID in Metallic System

  • skuId string

    Service sku ID in Metallic System

  • quantity integer

    Usage quantity

  • unit string

    Measurement for quantity, e.g. user / instance / MB

  • instanceType string

    Instance type

  • instanceName string

    Instance name

  • exchangeMailbox integer

    Number of exchange users For Office 365 service only.

  • sharepointOnline integer

    Number of Sharepoint users For Office 365 service only.

  • oneDrive integer

    Number of oneDrive users For Office 365 service only

  • instanceSize number

    Instance size For VM service only.

  • username string

    User name For Endpoint service only.

  • userLogin string

    User login name For Endpoint service only.

  • metadata object

    Meta Data Object

  • filter string

    Filter string that contains search parameters

  • sort string

    Sort string that contains sorting criteria

  • pagination object

    Pagination Info

  • pageNumber integer

    Page Number

  • pageSize integer

    Page Size

  • totalRecords integer

    Total Records